My Customers Community - MCC

"My Customers Community - MCC" is not an ordinary bunch of Persons, Customers, Shoppers or Buyers being trapped with AI, Perks and Tricks with or without real privileges to act like Robotic Actors and supposed to keep spending out their hard-earned monies!

Rather, it's a dynamic community, independent of AI, Perks and Tricks and essentially takes pride in independent informed decisions based on their Spiritual Believes, Divine Trust and Sincere Privileges!

Luxury Stores International, Inc. is organizing "My Customers Community - MCC" that'd be soon a special Community of Persons/Shoppers extracted from ordinary persons/shoppers who're completely exposed/traumatized/mesmerized by the growing Artificial Inelegance (AI) and extorting Brand legacy.

So, what MCC suppose to do, expect and how it'd be a different clan?

We've evolved some basic rules and still working on it to add more with the community collaborations:

1- MCC member will be an independent person practicing their own beliefs, enjoying their own thoughts, and taking pride in their own decision making.

2- MCC member will be acting as a resistance/repellent block to prevalent AI (outsiders hegemony) and willfully indulge in activities independent of AI.

3- MMC members will not be kept as money spenders/buyers only, rather should be regarded as investors of hard-earned monies to get real benefits of the buying/consuming stuff being marketed to them with various slogans, tags and made.

Let's see what slogans are synonym to the MCC member:

Don’t be mare a Purchaser, anymore; Purchase for Savings (Discounts), Future Investment (Equity) and Rewards (Earn Cash)

Don’t be mare an Investor, anymore; Hold Stake/Equity in a Dynamic Public Company.

Don’t be mare an On-Looker, anymore; Join a Privileged Dynamic Community - “My Customers Community”.

Don’t miss unique Membership Privileges; Get Special Discounts (as per slabs) starting as soon you Invest & join.

Don’t Enjoy benefits for a limited time; Enjoy Life-Time benefits with the Company.   

Don’t be mare a Privileged Customer; Own Stake/Equity (as per slabs) in Basic Shares* and Earn Cash ($) on Referrals (as per slabs).

Don’t be mare a passer-by; Play a part as a dedicated team or Franchised Store Partner/Manager to help us build “Another Business Empire” – a dream Founder cherishes!

So, why you’re waiting; Invest and Join now the limited First-Batch of 2000 Members?

The First “My Customers Community”, owned by Public to build “Another Business Empire”.


You'd also join by purchasing a Membership Card on the LuxuryLifeWay Online Store and immediately start enjoying members benefits!



Good New! Google has approved the "My Customers Community - MCC" loyalty program and doing its best to project, where available!